Ashwell House


Lodges, Chapters & Orders

Craft Lodges

Bishop's Hatfield LodgeL6893High Stone LodgeL4498Prae Wood LodgeL8919
Boundary LodgeL7695Jubilation LodgeL8831Priory LodgeL5152
Burning Bush LodgeL9608King Henry the Eighth LodgeL1757Redbourn LodgeL8484
Cranbourne LodgeL1580Kingswood LodgeL2278Romanum LodgeL8758
Croxley Green LodgeL8636Lodge of Light and HonourL7894Romeland LodgeL7080
Dacorum LodgeL8631Lodge of OpportunityL9777Round Table Lodge of HertfordshireL9221
Ellenbrook LodgeL8155Lodge Trust and Fear NotL9698Salisbury Union LodgeL767
Friendship LodgeL8357Michael Bathan Jones LodgeL9675St Albans LodgeL2786
Gadebourne LodgeL6960Mimmine and Bergnet LodgeL4932St Stephen's LodgeL8468
Gloriana LodgeL6334Old Albanians LodgeL4999Three Rivers LodgeL9078
Gorhambury LodgeL8745Old Manor LodgeL8339Veritatem Sequere LodgeL9615
Halsey LodgeL1479Old Verulamians LodgeL7988Verulam LodgeL6131
Harpenden LodgeL4314Park Street LodgeL8556White Star LodgeL8727

Ladies Lodges

Lodge AlbanusLL68
Lodge BycullahLL259

Holy Royal Arch Chapters

Concord ChapterC767King Henry the Eighth ChapterC1757Prae Wood ChapterC8919
Cranbourne ChapterC1580Kudu ChapterC8662Priory ChapterC5152
Gaddesden ChapterC3398Lea Valley ChapterC4827St Amphibalus in Jubilation ChapterC8831
Halsey ChapterC1479Old Albanians ChapterC4999Verulam ChapterC6131
Harpenden ChapterC4314Penman’s Green ChapterC8384White Star ChapterC8727

Mark Master Masons Lodges

Ayot Lodge of MMMM1529John Burr Lodge of MMMM1824Scholars in Amity Lodge of MMMM1710
Berkhamstead Lodge of MMMM1172Latimer Lodge of MMMM962St Albans Lodge of MMMM1108
Debenham Lodge of MMMM636Lodge Fratres Scriptabacorum of MMMM1508White Stone Lodge of MMMM1832
Harpenden Lodge of MMMM1254Rudyard Kipling Lodge of MMMM1947
Hemel Hempstead Lodge of MMMM1291Royal & Savoy Lodge of MMMM355

Royal Ark Mariner Lodges

Ayot Lodge of RAMRAM1529Harpenden Lodge of RAMRAM1254Latimer Lodge of RAMRAM962
Berkhamstead Lodge of RAMRAM1172Hemel Hempstead Lodge of RAMRAM1291Royal & Savoy Lodge of RAMRAM355
Debenham Lodge of RAMRAM636John Burr Lodge of RAMRAM1824Scholars in Amity Lodge of RAMRAM1710

Royal & Select Masters Councils

St Albans CouncilRSM215Ninth Arch CouncilRSM318Trulla Argentea CouncilRSM333

Rose Croix Chapters

Rose Croix Chapter of St AlbanRC336Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Rose Croix ChapterRC943

Allied Masonic Degrees

Salem CouncilAMD150

Knights Templar

Preceptory of St Alban KT266

Royal Order of Scotland

Provincial Grand Lodge of Hertfordshire

Red Cross of Constantine

Conclave of AlbanusRXC497

Operative Masons

St Albans Abbey Assemblage

Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia

St Alban the Martyr

Knights Beneficent of the Holy City

Thamesis Lodge of Scottish Masters of St Andrew